Picking the Perfect Pair

Perfect Hearing AidsPicking the perfect pair of hearing aids can be a complicated process.  Here at Audiology Services of Marin, we want to make that process as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Hearing loss is a unique condition. Each person’s hearing loss is different, and there’s not a “one size fits all” hearing aid model that’s perfect for everyone. The best hearing aid will feel natural and comfortable to wear, and will provide the right sound quality and volume to compensate for hearing loss.

There are a lot of variable that go into choosing the right hearing aid. The right hearing aid should:

  • Pick up surrounding sounds to help speech understanding
  • Amplify in hearing in quiet environments
  • Assist in hearing in heavier sound environments, like when there are multiple speakers or background noise
  • Match your hearing needs and lifestyle

When searching for hearing aids, it is recommended to explore various options to understand what type of devices will work best for you.

Follow these five tips to ensure you find the perfect fit:

1. Get a checkup. Visit your regular doctor to rule out illness associated with hearing loss, like an infection or earwax buildup.
2. Schedule a hearing screening. Come see one of our hearing care professionals to assess your hearing. If you need hearing aids, we’ll help you choose the best devices. We can also adjust them and perform routine maintenance on them for you.
3. Ask for a trial period. Most manufactures offer trial periods to give you time to adjust to your new hearing aids and decide if they work the best for you.
4. Think about the future. Ask if the hearing aids you've chosen are adjustable and will still be useful if your hearing ability changes.
5. Stay focused and positive. While hearing aids can't restore normal hearing, your overall wellbeing and hearing health will improve with consistent hearing aid use.

For more information, contact the staff at Audiology Services of Marin, 415-461-9703. Together, we’ll discuss healthy hearing and find the best hearing solution for you.