Maintaining Your Hearing Health

Maintaining Your Hearing HealthWe all try to maintain good habits in regards to our health. Wearing sunscreen in the summer to prevent sunburn, layering clothes in the winter, drinking plenty of water daily, the list goes on and on.

Do you ever think about your hearing health and how to prevent hearing loss? The key factors to keep in mind is how many loud sounds you are exposed to and how long you are exposed to them.

Excessive and prolonged loud noise can damage the tiny hair cells in the inner ear. Noise-related hearing loss is typically irreversible. You can lose some hearing temporarily after being exposed to loud noises, like standing too close to the speakers at a nightclub or after short bursts of explosive noises, such as gunshots or fireworks.

If you work or spend time in a noisy place, or even listen to loud music frequently, you could be losing your hearing without even knowing it.


Basics of Ototoxicity

OtotoxicitySimply put, Ototoxicity is ear poisoning; a poisoning of the nerves of the ear by drugs or chemicals.

There are certain drugs used to treat various medical conditions, and unfortunately, while attempting to cure or treat one issue, ototoxicity can occur and have damaging effects.

Several families of drugs can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss or balance problems. Below is a list of factors, causes and treatment information about Ototoxicity.

Ototoxicity factors include:

  • Age
  • Dosage of medication/Lifetime dose
  • Duration of therapy
  • Concurrent renal failure
  • Infusion rate (medication given intravenously better known as an IV)
  • Concurrent administration of another ototoxic drug
  • Family history of ototoxicity/Genetic susceptibility